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All Photos courtesy of  Jim Zimmerlin   Please visit his web site for more photos, interesting articles and videos from his cruises.   www.jimzim.net     (Click on the photos to enlarge.)

If you have been on an ocean cruise recently, you know how much fun it can be and how much of a value it is for your vacation dollar.  If you haven’t been on an ocean cruise, what are you waiting for?  If it has been a while since you have sailed, you might be surprised how much things have changed in the past few years.  The advances they have made in technology and entertainment are incredible.  In fact, each time a new ship is commissioned, it seems like it has to be bigger and better than the last lines new build.  I remember my first cruise in 1991.  It was aboard the newest Carnival ship which at the time was the biggest one out there. Today, the cruise ships are three times the size of that and the technology, pardon the pun, blows the old ships out of the water.  With options like virtual balconies, virtual showrooms, Wi-Fi and robotic bartenders, you might think you are sailing on a ship from the future.  If entertainment is your thing, you may have a tough time deciding which ship to take.  With rock climbing walls, bumper cars, zip lines, flow-rider surfing, basketball courts, swim up bars, water slides, ice skating, casinos, sports, piano and karaoke bars, work out rooms, spas and many other choices, you might not want to get off the ship when it pulls into port.  Oh, if you like to eat, you might want to bring your stretchy pants…….

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So, since they are building them bigger and bigger, what does that mean for you?  Well, quite honestly, that puts you “in the Captains seat” when booking a cruise.  If you are interested in the newer mega ships, we do suggest you contact us as soon as possible as some of them have been completely sold out before their first sailing and up to a year in advance.  If you don’t have to be one of the first passengers on the newer mega ships, that opens up many “cabin doors” for you.  While it seems the bigger ships get all the attention, many cruise lines have been christening some fantastic smaller ships in the past few years.  For example, were you aware that Viking recently jumped into the ocean cruising market?  Viking Ocean Cruises boasts a fleet of new, all-veranda, state-of-the-art ocean ships. These smaller ships, which only carry 930 guests, offer more choices for unique and intimate itineraries that the mega ships cannot offer.  

So, if a cruise is in your future, contact us as soon as possible.  The staff at Departures has a passion for cruising.  Between all of us, we have sailed on over 130 ocean cruises worldwide.  So, we have the experience to recommend the perfect cruise for you.  Whether you are looking for a quiet romantic cruise to celebrate a special occasion, a fun and exciting cruise with a few or many of your friends, a family reunion cruise or a special interest or holiday cruise, we can take care of everything for you and your fellow passengers no matter where they are coming from.