Maurer Family Reunion…

April 21, 2011 No Comments by admin

LET’S GET TOGETHER; our family members from coast to coast had been saying that for years.

We checked into renting a large house then we thought of the menu planning, food preparation, cleaning up, entertainment, whoa, wait a minute, we’d have to hire a cook, a waiter, and a maid, who could afford that?

Then an idea clicked, A CRUISE! Not only would we be waited on, everyone would have their choice of meals, entertainment and with port stops in 2 countries, we had endless opportunities to build new family memories and all at half the cost.

Uncles George & Dick and cousins from California, Arizona, Kansas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Florida all met in Tampa for a 5 day cruise on the Carnival Destiny. Several other cousins unable to go on the cruise met us in Tampa for a Bon Voyage Caribbean dinner held at Sue’s house.  We had a Maurer Family Reunion both on land and sea.

Uncle George at 88 bought a new bathing suit and jumped into a swimming pool to make sure he remembered how to swim.  He wanted to swim with the dolphins in Cozumel.  Amazing, amazing was all he was able to say as he interacted with the dolphins.

Dinner at night gave everyone a chance to catch up on family news and reminisce.  We’re still laughing about Bob turning on the windshield wipers on the rental car in Grand Cayman every time he wanted to make a turn.  There was no rain; the knobs in the car were just in different places. He was our hero volunteering to drive on the wrong side of the road to take us on a tour around the island.  Rog had no problems driving the second car he just had to follow Bob.  We stopped in Hell, went to the beach and put our feet in the water.

There was a bingo winner, slot machine winners, great shopping, fun and laughter we had it all!

This was one Family Reunion we will remember for years to come.

Pat Fulton